Cédric Scherer

Data Visualization & Information Design

Hi, my name is Cédric. And I'm passionate about code, data & design.

As a consultant, designer, and instructor, I specialize in helping organizations, research teams, and businesses effectively communicate insights through engaging data visualizations.

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Exploring "The Simpsons" with DataWrapper for the 30DayChartChallenge 2024

We're excited to announce the fourth edition of the 30DayChartChallenge! Sadly, I won't be able to participate in all prompts due to prior commitments. For the topics I can contribute to, I'll be focusing on exploring the capabilities of the DataWrapper chart builder to create interactive and responsive visualizations.

Yet Another How-to on Labelling Bar Graphs in ggplot2

Yes, I have written about creating bar charts with ggplot2 before. As one of the most common chart types, creating bar charts is a task that thousands of people likely face every day. This time we discuss approaches to place the category labels above the bars.

Efficiency and Consistency: Automate Subset Graphics with ggplot2 and purrr

Discover how to effortlessly generate custom and even complex graphics for subsets of your data by seamlessly integrating {ggplot2}'s versatile plotting functionalities with {purrr}'s powerful functional programing capabilities. This is especially helpful for data featuring many categories or step-by-step graphical storytelling

The 30DayChartChallenge is Ready to Kick Off

The #30DayChartChallenge is a data visualization community challenge with the aim of creating a data visualization on a particular theme for each day in April. Read on for a behind-the-scenes look at the two previous years’ challenges, then join us on social media (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Mastodon) to participate!

2-Day Workshop on "Graphic Design with ggplot2" at rstudio::conf 2022

End of July, I had the honor to teach an in-person ggplot2 workshop at the rstudio::conf in Washington DC. All course resources are available on the course webpage featuring slides, hands-on R codes, recap notes, and exercises including prepared scripts and step-by-step solutions.

International Women's Day 2022: The Pay Gap in Europe

Sadly, inequality between women and men is still an issue. In 2020, women's gross hourly earnings were on average 13 percentage points below those of male paid employees in the European Union. Only five countries in the EU report a gap smaller than 5 percentage points with Luxembourg being closest to zero.