Cédric Scherer

Computational Ecology & Data Visualization

I have a Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences and a Master of Science in Ecology, Evolution & Nature Conservation at the University of Potsdam. In my theses I have predicted behaviors of wild boar by using acceleration data and I have built an agent-based model to investigate responses of birds to global change using an animal functional type (AFT) approach.

Since 2015 I am the speaker of the GfOe working group “Young Modellers in Ecology” and together with other motivated team members we organised three annual workshops and a thematic topic session at the joint conference of BES and GfOe in December 2017.

Curriculum Vitae


PhD Training (in progress)
Master of Science “Ecology, Evolution and Nature Conservation”
  • University of Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany
  • October 2011 – September 2014
  • Thesis: “Responses of bird functional types to climatic and land use changes in African savannas – an individual-based modelling approach”
  • Advisors: Florian Jeltsch and Volker Grimm
Bachelor of Science “Life Sciences”
  • University of Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany
  • October 2008 – September 2011
  • Thesis: “Analysis of three-dimensional acceleration data for behavioural studies on wild boars (Sus scrofa L.) and woolly pigs (Sus scrofa domestica L.)”
  • Advisors: Florian Jeltsch and Anne Berger

Professional Experience

Visiting Research Student
Research Assistant
Research Assistant

Further Education

  • Workshop “Creative Visualization”
    January 2018 – organized by stiftundseil

  • Workshop “Patch Occupancy Modelling”
    February 2017 – held by Jean-Dominique Lebreton, French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)

  • Workshop “Scientific Writing”
    February 2017 – held by Volker Grimm, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ)

  • Workshop “Modelling Approach: Wildlife Populations & Diseases”
    August 2016 – held by Hans-Hermann Thulke, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) at the 12th Conference of the European Wildlife Disease Association (EWDA)

  • Symposium “Emerging High-throughput Systems for Wildlife Tracking at the Regional Scale – The ATLAS System”
    June 2016 – organized by Ran Nathan and his team at the Minerva Center for Movement Ecology, Jerusalem, Israel

  • Summer School “Spatio-Temporal Data Analyses & Big Data Processing“
    June 2015 – held by Giuseppe M. Amatulli, Yale University, and Stefano Casalegno, University of Exeter

  • Workshop “Movement Ecology“
    December 2014 – organized by Niko Balkenhol and Johannes Signer, University of Goettingen

  • Workshop “Movement Ecology & Biodiversity“
    July 2012 – organized by Carsten Buchholz and Florian Jeltsch, University of Potsdam

Conference & Workshop Organisation

  • 1st BioMove Symposium “Integrating Biodiversity Research with Movement Ecology”
    upcoming September 2018, Potsdam, Germany – part of organizational comitee

  • 13th Workshop of the “Young Modellers in Ecology (YoMos)”
    upcoming May 2018, Höllviken, Sweden – organizer and chair

  • Thematic Topic Session “Are we any good at simulating ecology? Success and future challenges in ecological simulation models” at the Joint Annual Meeting of BES, GfOe, NecoV & EEF
    December 2017, Ghent, Belgium – organized by “Young Modellers in Ecology”, “Computational Ecology”, and “Quantitative Ecology”

  • Leibniz PhD Symposium “What future do we have as scientists? Rethinking scientific publishing & careers”
    September 2017, Berlin, Germany – part of organizational comitee

  • 12th Workshop of the “Young Modellers in Ecology (YoMos)”
    May 2017, Buchenbach, Germany – organizer and chair

  • 11th Workshop of the “Young Modellers in Ecology (YoMos)”
    May 2016, Neunzehnhain, Germany – organizer and chair incl. a pre-workshop on “Data Visualization”

  • Annual Symposium of the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria & Switzerland (GfOe)
    September 2013, Potsdam, Germany – IT assistance and organizational tasks


  • Practical workshop “Zoology”
    Department for Zoology, University of Potsdam, Germany
    October 2009 – March 2014

  • Workshop “Research & Presentation“
    Department for Didactics of Biology, University of Potsdam, Germany
    October 2013 – February 2014

  • Field workshop “Systematic Zoology II“
    Department for Evolutionary Biology and Systematic Zoology, University of Potsdam, Germany
    August 2012 – October 2012


see List of Publications


  • Best Poster, Gordon Research Conference on Movement Ecology of Animals, Ventura, CA, USA - March 2017


  • Languages: German (native), English (fluent)
  • Programming: R, NetLogo, SQL/SQLite (partly Python, C++, Matlab)
  • Statistics: R, SPSS, Excel
  • Markup: Markdown, LaTeX

Memberships and Services